• 1:32 pm August 26, 2016

Nigeria at the Olympics

Abiola Afolabi

The Olympics is a global and well-anticipated event that brings the best athletes, pressmen, and spectators together under one umbrella of sportsmanship.

Nigeria first participated at the Olympics Games held in Helsinki in 1952 albeit without a medal.

However, during the 1964 Olympic Games held in Tokyo, Nigeria won its first ever medal in boxing, the country scored a bronze medal through the sweat and blood of Nojim Maiyegun.

Nigeria has since neglected other sports activities such as swimming, rowing, archery, etc. with an undeniable interest in football.

So far, Nigeria has since won 24 medals from all the 16 games it participated in since 1952.

At the just concluded games in Rio, Nigeria had a lot of controversies, ranging from the athletes setting up fund me accounts to participate at the games, to lack of equipment and the athlete’s outfits arriving in Brazil just three days to the end of the games. All these factors, we believe marred the ability of the national team at the event.

The incompetence of the Sports Ministry no doubts impaired the performance of the 75 athletes that performed at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

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The recent Olympics held in Rio had about 48 games for the athletes, with over 800 medals up for grabs. The USA team went forward with 558 athletes and racked up the highest medals- 121. Britain had 373 athletes and bagged 67 medals and China with 403 athletes and 70 medals respectively.

Other than the economic gains of being involved in sporting activities, it is important to encourage talented people across the 36 states of the federation.
The focus should be to engage youths at the rural and urban areas exploit the manpower and embrace our diversities to boost the sector tremendously.

In 4 years time, Nigeria will once again participate in the Olympics in Tokyo. We hope the government will encourage the athletes and sports officials by providing assistance where necessary, and the athletes will begin preparations early before the games.

In 2020, Nigeria should participate to win. As Colin Powell stated, ‚ÄúThere are no secrets to success…It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”


Article by Tolulope Agunloye, Analyst at BudgIT.