African Teams & World Cup

Daniel Azike

The African football teams had to kiss the world cup in Brazil 2014 goodbye following the defeat of Algeria by Germany and Nigeria by France at the round of 16 stage. Sad as it may seem, that has been the trend for all African countries at the World Cup.

Since Egypt became the first African nation to feature at the world cup in 1934, the ‘curse’ of early exits has always followed the African teams. The Quarterfinals is the furthest any African team has gotten in any FIFA World Cup tournament and only a handful of teams have gotten that far with majority of the teams dropping out at the group stage. It is a feat that even got the Coach of one of the African teams asking Why do we go home early?” 

13 different African teams have participated at the world cup since its inception in 1930. For the first time, Africa had two teams in the second round of the tournament but neither of them could go past their European opposition.

FR – First Round, SR – Second Round, QF – Quarter Final

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So it is all eyes on Russia 2018! Hopefully an African team can break the jinx and get to the semifinals of the tournament, or even the final.